Just Like Me 2


"I couldn't be bitter, I had to be better."


Just Like Me 2 is an organization that offers children with learning disabilities and speech disorders the courage and optimism to overcome their obstacles. This program is designed to educate and inspire kids and teens to reach for their goals in spite of their personal limitations by instilling a belief that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.


  • Classroom presentations
  • Small-group discussions
  • After-school coaching


Did you know that children with disabilities are the smallest minority in the country? Our goal is to educate and encourage young children with disabilities to strive for greatness. We all have unique abilities and challenges that make us who we are. My experience has taught me that there are no barriers that can keep us from achieving our dreams. By sharing my personal story I hope to influence children to have the confidence to do their very best. Having someone who could genuinely relate to ones uniqueness can help youngsters avoid feeling alienated giving them the courage to shoot for the stars.

Hi, I’m Charlotte Trattner, founder of Just Like Me 2. In addition to being born with an unusual learning disability called apraxia, which is similar to dyslexia, I've had to learn to overcome childhood speech impediments. I started this organization to inspire children just like me that may feel overwhelmed by their challenges, to strive to overcome any of their obstacles.

​I am currently Miss Charity Queen US and will be going to compete overseas representing our country in a pageant based on philanthropic service. 


About Charlotte