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Hi, I’m Charlotte Trattner, the founder of Just Like Me 2. I was born with a neurological disorder called apraxia, which in my case is similar to dyslexia. I also faced several speech impediments. I chose to start this organization to inspire children who are just like me, guiding them to find the courage within themselves to look beyond their disabilities and obstacles and to never give up working hard for their dreams.

To overcome my speech impediments I went through eight years of speech therapy. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to correct my lateral and frontal lisps. Now, with years of practice behind me, people would never think that only a few years ago not even my parents knew what I was saying. 

All the hard work paid off because not only have I received a college scholarship through the South Florida Optimist Oratorical competition, I am currently Miss Charity Queen US and will be competing overseas this upcoming fall.  I have held other titles such as Miss Teen Earth Florida,  Miss Teen US Virgin Islands United States 2015 and placed as a finalist in the Miss Teen United States pageant in the Summer of 2015. Miss Coral Gables Teen USA 2015, placing as a semi-finalist at the Miss Florida Teen USA Pageant and was voted among my peers as Miss Congeniality. For the first three years of high-school, I attended a performing arts school where I routinely performed on stage and currently do so in community theater.

I am currently studying Journalism at the University of Central Florida and write full time for The Lady Code Blog. My focus being motivation, and health and wellness. I have even been recognized by my school when awarded the Charles and Francis Millican Memorial Award given to one Greek member for excellence in Community Service. 

My disability just doesn't hold be back from achieving my dreams. It pushes me to work harder to succeed and now, as an Sophomore at UCF, I have a perfect 4.0 GPA . My disability won’t get in my way and it shouldn’t get in the way of others.

About Charlotte 

Just Like Me 2 is an organization that lets kids with disabilities know that they are not alone, giving children the courage and optimism to overcome their obstacles. The main goal of this program is to educate kids and teens that they are capable of overcoming their limitations and can achieve anything that they set their mind to.

We want to inspire children to never stop reaching for what they truly want out of life despite whatever difficulties stand in their way.  Everybody is unique. Our uniqueness is our strength and we must use our disabilities to motivate us to be even better than we already are.

Some children have more challenges than others. Just Like Me 2 teaches kids to rise above their disabilities, to never allow them to set their boundaries or to define who they are. Children have to know that there are so many other kids out there facing the same difficulties they are.

Optimism, self-confidence, perseverance and dedication can help any child lead to success.

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